12th Annual Jason Keith Memorial Fundraiser

In April 2015, family and friends participated in the 12th annual Jason Ruffy Keith Memorial Fundraiser in support of the Canadian Marfan Association (CMA), currently known as the Genetic Aortic Disorders Association (GADA Canada). The fundraiser was hosted by Drew LaPointe at Dooly’s, that attracted 25 pool players and many more supporters and raised $862.75 in memory of beloved Jason Keith.

We, at GADA Canada, are truly grateful to Dave and Pam for organizing this fundraising event every year in loving memory of their son and giving awareness to Marfan syndrome. With the growth of CMA to GADA Canada, the organization needs even greater support from our members. Through donations and fundraisers like this one, GADA will be able to support programs and achieve our mission of embracing all known genetic aortic disorders in our Canadian community.

We are humbled by the continued support we receive from Jason's friends, family, and local community who come together every year to cherish Jason's memory and support the work of our organization. Thank you.