Promoting Awareness of Genetic Aortic Disorders

For the third year, on Saturday November 17, 2018, the #SailsofLight, Vancouver, were lit red promoting awareness of genetic aortic disorders in Canada.

Our awareness message reached over 3,000 people. We are grateful to all those who shared this event socially. Your participation is always helpful to spread our awareness efforts. Thank you!

GADA is thankful to the Port of Vancouver for helping to spread awareness of all genetic aortic disorders related to Marfan syndrome.

In recognition of the global 2018 Aortic Dissection Awareness Day, September 19th, GADA initiated a Facebook red-selfie campaign that reached over 4,300 people world-wide including major Aortic Dissection groups in Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Ecuador. Thanks to all our members who showed their support by participating and sharing our awareness message

By spreading awareness of the symptoms and fatal outcomes of genetic aortic disorders across Canada and globally, together we help prevent early death and to improve the quality of life for patients.

Help us spread awareness by showing your support through generous donations, sharing your story with us or hosting a fundraiser.