Vancouver Marfan Syndrome Conference



On Friday August 17 and Saturday August 18, 2007 The Canadian Marfan Associaiton together with BC Children’s Hospital hosted the 13th Annual Marfan Syndrome Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia. The first day of the conference included a Continuing Medical Education (CME) session for physicians, surgeons and medical professionals. The second day was the Information Day for Marfan patients and family and friends.

The event consisted of talks by world renowned Marfan specialists including Dr. George Sandor, Pediatric Cardiologist, BC Children’s Hospital, Dr. Tim Bradley, Cardiologist, The Hospital for Sick Children & Toronto General Hospital, Chair & Honorary Patron, CMA, Dr. Reed Pyeritz, Geneticist, University of Pennsylvania, , Dr. Irene Maumenee, Opthalmologist, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Dr. Michael Janusz, Adult Cardiac Surgeon, St. Paul’s Hospital, Dr. Marla Kiess, Adult Cardiologist, St. Paul’s Hospital, Dr. Michael MacEntee, Prosthodontist, University of British Columbia, Dr. Mushtaque Ishaque, Orthopedic Surgeon, Vancouver General Hospital, Dr. Ada Chung, Post Doctoral Fellow, Child & Family Research Institute and Lindsey Rusche, CMA Director. 
The conference which was being held for the first time in Vancouver was a great success with over 100 people attending to hear the Marfan specialists speak about the latest research news and clinical information regarding the condition. Those who attended included doctors, family members, friends, nurses, siblings and medical students. From the feedback we received those who attended truly enjoyed and appreciated the information and opportunity to share and interact with one another and the specialists.

Here is a comment we received from one of the attendees.

The Conference was special to me, because it was the first time I could listen to people talking specifically about Marfan, types of surgery, new research, new medication, medical advice, and everything else. I have been researching about Marfan since Cesar was diagnosed, but it was always in the cold and lonely way of learning important things through the internet. The only warm contact I had was from you. At the Conference I could talk to doctors, be in touch with parents, talk to grown-ups with Marfan, and see other children with the disease. 
Ana Rocho, BC

This conference was also the first to include a separate program for children and included talks by Dr. Reed Pyeritz on Sports and Activity, an Olympic athlete from the “Esteem Team”, a drum circle activity and a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium. Not surprisingly the children had a great day!

We would like to thank Dr. George Sandor who was the Conference Chair and his team of volunteers for their great help in organizing the event. The conference takes many months to plan and many people are involved in organizing it. We would also like to thank the CMA volunteers, sponsors, directors and doctors who donated their time and energy and everyone who flew in from out of town.

We are currently in the process of planning this year’s conference and will share more details with you shortly.